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Getting Your Store Listed

Are you a Cowgirl Tuff or B.Tuff Retailer and want to ensure your listing in the Retail Locations is complete and accurate? You have come to the right place. Take a look at the guides below to learn how you can manage your listings.

Getting Listed

  • How do I get listed?

    Ensure you meet the following requirements.

    • You are an authorized Cowgirl Tuff or B.Tuff Retailer.
    • Your account with us is active and in good standing.
    • You have a physical retail location.

    If you meet all the requirement, chances are likely your store is already listed on our Stores page. If it's not currently listed, you should contact your Sales Rep and let them know you want to be listed. You will need to provide them with your website and physical location address. Once your Sales Rep updates our records, it may take up to 72 hours for the listing to appear, however usually happens the following evening.

  • My listing is missing?

    Contact your Sales Rep and have them ensure the following.

    • Your physical location's address is set as our Ship To address.
    • We have your valid website address.
    • The address we have on file as Ship To is accurate.
  • We have multiple locations we need listed.

    Great! Contact your rep and ensure the have the following information for each of your locations.

    • Each of your physical location's address's are set as our Ship To address.
    • We have your valid website address, this may be the same for all your locations.
    • The address we have on file as Ship To is accurate for each of your locations.

Updating The Content Shown

We populate data at our site with information from your Google My Business page. This gives you the ability to have full control of what is displayed as well as ensures customers get up to date and accurate information without the need to manage your listing at yet another site.

  • How dow I make changes to my listing?

    In order to make changes to your listing at Cowgirl Tuff, you simply update your listing at Google My Business (Formerly Called: Google Places). If you have not already done so, you will first need to claim your listing at Google.

    Once you have claimed your page, you will then have the ability to make changes to it directly at your Google My Business account.

  • What data gets pulled from Google My Business?

    We pull the following details from your Google Listing. When updating your page, make sure you provide the following.

    • Address, City, State & Zip
    • Phone Number
    • Business Hours
    • Customer Reviews
    • Images
    • Website Address
    • Link to your Google Listing
  • My store has no slide out with location details.

    This can be caused by one or both of the following.

    • We do not have your correct address on file. To fix: Contact your Cowgirl Tuff sales rep and have them update your ship to address.
    • You do not have a Google Listing.

    As a business, it is essential you have your locations listed on Google My Business. This gets your business listed in Google Maps, in Google Search, as well as hundreds of other sites that use Google My Business data to populate their websites or apps.

    To get your business listed, visit: Google My Business and add or claim your business listing.

  • I have many locations

    Google My Business offers business's with many locations to update them all using a spreadsheet. Visit Google My Business for more information.

Your Logo

We pull your logo from your website using Open Graph meta tags.

  • My Logo is missing?

    This is caused by one or both of the following.

    • We do not have your website address on file. To solve: contact your sales rep and have them add your website address.
    • Your website does not contain the Open Graph meta tag.

    Add the Logo meta tag to your HTML on your site's home page to make it easy for anyone access your logo. Logos you choose will take precedence in our response and will let everyone know which logo you want out in the world. This tag is used by many web sites, social media platforms and mobile apps.

    Here is an example of what should be added:

    <meta property="og:logo" content="/path/to/your/your_logo.png">

    Technical Notes:

    • The ideal size for this is 128px by 128px, as this is the standard specified in the docs.
    • Your image should be square
    • The meta tag should be within the HEAD tags of your HTML.
    • You might as well place other Open Graph tags as well. See:

If you still have questions, you may want to discuss share this page with your web master to have them assist with getting the updates completed. You may also reach out to your Cowgirl Tuff or B.Tuff sales rep for additional assistance.